2020 Onyx Nimbus Baseball Cards Checklist

2020 Onyx Nimbus Baseball Cards Checklist – Onyx is going to make quite the impact with 2020 Nimbus Baseball when it arrives, carrying  (2) Autographs and (2) Base Cards in every single-pack box. The 50-card checklist looks tremendous with young pro baseball stars and several international standouts. This won’t be one you’ll want to wait on – grab Nimbus when it arrives this Friday, February 26, 2021.

You can download a copy of the complete checklist below.


2020 Onyx Nimbus Baseball Cards delivers (2) Autographed Cards SIGNED ON-CARD plus (2) Base Cards in Every Box! Featuring an ultra-strong checklist with a solid mix of MLB talent, top prospects and future prospects. The chromium finish printed on a thick card stock gives the cards a high-end look and feel in a way never seen on an Onyx trading card!

Autographs are going to be hot coming straight out of these packs. The primary program includes Silver Border, Gold Border, Black Border and Red Ink versions of the signatures. Also hotly pursued will be Inscription Autographs, which have the depicted player signing their full name, draft year and nickname. Oh, and all of this is ON-CARD!

The base cards that are part of Nimbus are not to be overlooked. The design is extremely stunning with a design that has a definite throwback feel. This element will be hotly collected by both young and older collectors for certain.

The roster that Onyx has put together is, simply put, incredible. Read off the names and you’ll get a clear picture pretty quickly of how this set is going to become an instant classicRonald Acuna Jr., Bobby Witt Jr., Pete Alonso, Yanquiel Fernandez and Felnin Celesten are among the current and future superstars who are going to be hitting hobby shops.

For full product information, please visit the 2020 Onyx Nimbus Baseball Product Page.

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