2021-22 Donruss Elite NBA Basketball Cards delivers (2) Autographed Card, (8) Inserts, (8) Parallels and (2) Base Rookies in Every Box! 2021-22 Donruss Elite Basketball makes its return to the hardwood with a loaded lineup of Insert and Parallel content, along with a strong selection of autographs!

Configuration: 12 boxes/20 packs/8 cards

Box Hits:

  • (2) Autographed Cards
  • (8) Inserts
  • (8) Parallels
  • (2) Base Rookies

2021-22 Donruss Elite NBA Basketball Cards PRODUCT HIGHLIGHTS:

  • (2) Autographed Cards in Every Box!
    • There is no shortfall of Autograph content in 2021-22 Donruss Elite! Look for a strong lineup of autographs in Pen Pals, Elite Signatures and Turn of the Century Signatures! Look for ONE-OF-A-KIND Black Parallels!
    • Search for the HISTORIC Passing the Torch Signatures set! Look for a variety of autograph combinations pairing all-time greats and up-and-coming superstars!
    • Look for ALL-NEW autograph sets in Impact Impressions and Rookie Yearbook Autographs! Collect autographs from the top rookies of the 2021 NBA Draft throughout these sets!
  • (8) Inserts in Every Box!
    • Search for a plethora of brand-new insert content this year in Donruss Elite!
      • Chase the elusive, BRAND NEW SUPER-SHORT PRINTED Lenticular insert cards in the following sets: Dimensions, Next Up and Past and Present! These ULTRA-RARE inserts will be hard to miss!
      • Also collect the NEW insert sets Deck and Clarity this year!
  • (8) Parallels in Every Box!
    • Look for a variety of Parallel content throughout Donruss Elite! Collect the popular Die-Cut parallels in Status and Aspirations, including the BRAND NEW ONE-OF-A-KIND Base Elite parallel!


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