2021-22 Upper Deck Premier NHL Hockey Cards delivers (1) Acetate Autographed Patch Card plus, (1) Autographed Card, (2) Memorabilia Cards, (1) Regular Base or Legends Card and (1) Rookie Base Card in Every Box! 2021-22 UD Premier is LOADED with HARD-SIGNED autographs and Premium Memorabilia! 

  • Configuration: 10 boxes/1 pack/6 cards

Box Hits:

  • (1) Acetate Autographed Patch Card
  • (1) Autographed Card
  • (2) Memorabilia Cards
  • (1) Regular Base or Legends Card
  • (1) Rookie Base Card

2021-22 Upper Deck Premier NHL Hockey Cards PRODUCT HIGHLIGHTS:

  • The 150-Card Base Set consists of star veterans #’d to 22, legends #’d to 99 and top rookies #’d to 399!
    • Collect up to (7) Parallels of the complete base set – which includes (3) HARD-SIGNED Autograph Parallels and (2) Memorabilia Parallels (Jersey, Premium/Patch) – as well as Parallels of just the veterans and rookies (Fight Strap, Neckline), and rookies only (Bronze, Purple)! The majority of the Parallels are #’d to 65 or less.
  • 2021-22 Premier features a wide variety of acetate cards, including the perennially-coveted Acetate RPA’s and the ALL-NEW Star Systems set. ALL of the acetate cards are serial #’d and HARD-SIGNED, and the veteran versions host Game-Worn Patch Swatches!
    • Acetate RPA: This coveted set consists of the top players in the 2021-22 rookie class. There are three versions of the set: Regular (#’d to 249/99), Gold (#’d to 65/35) and Platinum (#’d 1-of-1).
    • Horizontal Acetate RPA: Since their debut in 2019-20, the horizontal versions, which feature only top-tier rookies, have been very popular. There are three versions of this set as well: Regular (#’d to 99/49), Gold (#’d to 25/15), and Platinum (#’d 1-of-1).
    • 2002-03 Rookie Patch Auto: This set features the best-of-the-best from the 2021-22 rookie class on the iconic 2002-03 Premier RPA design. There are Regular versions #’d to 49/25, and Gold versions #’d to 5/1!
    • Acetate Veteran Patch Auto: For those looking for acetate patch auto cards featuring star and superstar veterans! This is a three-tiered set #’d to 35/25/15. There is also a Gold set #’d to 10/5/3.
    • NEW! Star Systems: With an eye-catching design and a checklist featuring top rookies and star veterans, this ALL-NEW insert set featuring patch swatches and/or HARD-SIGNED autographs will resonate with collectors and fans alike. The regular patch-auto set features rookies #’d to 149/75/25 while the star veteran versions are varied in #’ing. There is also a Gold patch-auto set, with the rookies #’d 25/10 and the veterans again varied. The auto-only rookie and star veteran versions are also varied in #’ing.
  • Premier is well-known for its multi-memorabilia and extra-large premium memorabilia cards and the 2021-22 edition is no exception.
    • The multi-memorabilia offerings include:
      • Premier Gear Jersey, Patch and Tag/Button sets, the Premier Dual, Triple and Quad Jersey sets, along with the Premier Dual, Triple and Quad Patch setsALL of which are low #’d and feature star veterans and top rookies.
    • The extra-large premium memorabilia offering includes:
      • The low #’d Premier Mega Patch (Chest Logo, Sleeve Number, Shoulder Logo and Commemorative Logo) sets featuring star veterans, and the ALL-NEW and low #’d rookie equivalent: Rookie Patch-Taculars (Chest Logo, Shoulder Logo and Logo Button). Additionally, there are sets that feature multiple extra-large premium memorabilia swatches – the star veteran Premier Mega Patch Duos, Trios and Quads, and the ALL-NEW Dual Rookie Patch-Taculars (Chest Logos, Shoulder Logos and Logo Buttons)!
  • NEW! The brand new Premier Signature Seating set and its Gold Section parallel #’d to just 5, features the HARD-SIGNED autographs of legends, star veterans and top rookies.
  • The popular Premier Rookie Auto Jersey, Patch and Logo Patch cards are back! Each Premier Rookie card sports a HARD-SIGNED autograph from a top rookie plus four memorabilia die-cuts in the shape of “2021.”
  • The 20th Anniversary Jersey and 20th Anniversary Auto sets feature rookies, stars and/or legends on the classic 2001-02 Premier Collection designs. There are Black and Gold Parallels of each – with the Parallels of the jersey cards sporting patch swatches – and ALL 20th Anniversary cards are serial #’d.


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