2021 FLEX NBA Collectible Trading Tile Game – 2021 FLEX NBA is the world’s first Trading Tile Game (TTG) and AR (augmented reality) board game that brings professional sports to life with the latest gaming technology. Watch as NBA heroes come to life right in front of you! Create your own dream team lineup of rising stars, MVPs, All-Stars and more. Flex your player’s superpowers and use special FX Tiles that evolve them into mega-powers!

Better yet, FLEX NBA expands beyond a game delivering truly unique collectible NBA player tiles featuring an unrepeatable barcode to register your player tile to be uniquely yours with no duplicates or counterfeits, 😲🤑😲

2021 FLEX NBA Collectible Trading Tile Game Configurations:

  • 2-Player Deluxe Starter Kit: 10 boxes/case
  • MSRP: $59.99
  • (10) Flexagons (NBA Player Tiles)
  • (2) Hardback Game Boards
  • Deluxe Damage Chips
  • Status Effects Tokens
  • (4) FX Tiles
  • (1) Play Action Die
  • (1) Ball Die

  • Boosters: 24 boxes/case
  • MSRP: $9.99
  • (1) Mystery NBA Player Tile

2021 FLEX NBA Collectible Trading Tile Game PRODUCT HIGHLIGHTS:

  • Collect (207) Total Flexagon NBA Player Tiles in Series 1
    • (5) randomized tile types in the First Mint* production run: Basic, Rising Star/Rookie, All-Star, All-NBA, MVP
    • Original, hand-drawn artwork!!
    • See ALL the tiles and player checklist here!
    • Multiple versions with different levels of rarity
    • Each tile, features an unrepeatable barcode used to register your collectible NBA player tile and claim its digital asset counterpart!
      • NO Duplicates
      • NO Counterfeits
      • TRUE Digital Asset
    • Chase versions of NBA player tiles have stronger game play advantages, as well as different art, markings and digital badges (upgrades). Not only are they a chase from a collectible standpoint, by being more RARE, they are also digitally, more compelling!
  • Truly unique, one-of-a-kind, next generation gaming technology, combining compelling board game play with augmented reality to deliver a fast-paced game.
    • Basic & Advanced Gameplay – See Game Play Demo Videos below.


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