2021 Onyx Vintage Basketball Cards Checklist – Making its hobby debut, this product is LOADED with some of the biggest names in the NBA and WNBA. Available at hobby shops, online retailers and group breakers in a couple of weeks – Friday September 24th, 2021.

You can download a copy of the complete checklist below.

2021 Onyx Vintage Basketball Cards delivers (48) Autographed Cards SIGNED ON-CARD in Every Case!

From Lance Fischer, Owner, Founder, President, Onyx Authenticated (emphasis added):

  • Another new sport release! – 2021 Onyx Vintage Basketball! There has been a nice buzz around this since we first started to throw out some teasers a few weeks ago. An absolutely LOADED checklist will be coming out in the next few weeks once the May 31st NBA declare date passes. Many current NBA stars, Legends and 2021 draft picks are slated to be in the final checklist. The design and feel of the card is still consistent with our past Vintage releases and of course, ALL AUTOGRAPHS are ON-CARD! We plan on releasing just prior to the NBA draft and the National in late July.

For more details about 2021 Onyx Vintage Basketball, please visit the product page.

2021 Onyx Vintage Basketball Cards Checklist – Image Gallery

More images coming soon!!

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