2021 SAGE Sportkings Volume Two Trading Cards Checklist – Multisport fans have had some incredible products over the years and are getting an absolute treat with the release of SAGE’s second volume of Sportkings cards. This year’s effort doesn’t disappoint, with (2) HARD-SIGNED autographed cards, (1) memorabilia card and (1) BONUS card in every box, along with base and insert cards! With history behind it, dating back to the In The Game original revival, Sportkings looks to have an incredible impact upon arrival, which just happens to be TODAYWednesday, February 10, 2021.

You can download a copy of the checklists below.


2021 SAGE Sportkings Volume 2 Trading Cards delivers (2) Autographed Cards HARD-SIGNED plus (1) Memorabilia Card, (2) Regular Green Back Base Cards (Limited to 100), (1) Mini Green Back Base Card (Limited to 50) and (1) BONUS Card in Every Box! The follow-up to the highly successful Volume 1 debuts with a new checklist of the worlds greatest athletes!

Give SAGE credit for creating an ALL-NEW autograph list. That’s right – no repeats from Volume One! This isn’t an easy task, and assembling a checklist that lives up to its predecessor’s prestige is that much harder. Names like Vince Carter, Walter Alston, Bill Russell and Denis Potvin will be very familiar from the big four sports, but Sportkings goes beyond these arenas to give you samplings from the likes of NASCAR, horse racing, and track and field. Look for signatures from the likes of Vashti Cunningham, Sarah Hughes, Kolohe Andino and Darrell Waltrip from other sports that are part of this product.

Memorabilia cards are another big part of Sportkings, once again, and there are some true beauties here. To go right into the meatiest part of the checklist, the Grand Patch assortment looks absolutely stunning, with names such as David Robinson, Tony Gwynn and Randy Johnson popping off the page.

As for those bonus cards (seeded (1) per box), these will take the form of additional autographs and memorabilia cards, as well as sketch cards, cut signatures and other unique items that will surely be the talk of hobby shops in a big way. 

For more information about 2021 SAGE Sportkings Volume 2, please visit the product page.

2021 SAGE Sportkings Volume Two Trading Cards Checklist – Image Gallery 

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