2021 Topps WWE Trading Cards delivers (2) Hits including (1) Autographed Card GUARANTEED in Every Box! Relive some of the greatest matches and moments in WWE history with the return of Topps’ flagship WWE product! Featuring NEW photography and introducing NEW collectible inserts! 

  • Configuration: 8 boxes/24 packs/7 cards

Box Hits:

  • (2) Hits including (1) Autographed Card GUARANTEED
  • (48) Inserts

2021 Topps WWE Trading Cards PRODUCT HIGHLIGHTS:

  • (2) Hits including (1) Autographed Card GUARANTEED in Every Box!
    • Roster Autographs w/ Parallels #’d from 99 to 1, plus Printing Plates!
    • NEW! Look for the special Hall of Fame Tribute autos of former nWo members! #’d to 25.
    • Tag Team Autographs – #’d to 25
    • NEW! Look for one ULTRA-RARE Locker Room Veterans multi autograph book card to chase!
    • Mat Relics – Featuring event used ring mats from past WWE and NXT events w/ Parallels from 299 to 1, plus Autographed versions #’d to 10 and 1-of-1!
    • NEW! Match Film Strips – This commemorative relic card highlights the most memorable matches in WWE history via a highlight reel film strip like card!
    • See attached Sell Sheet for complete details about ALL Parallels.
  • (48) Inserts in Every Box!
    • NEW! WWE Hall of Fame Tribute – Spotlighting the greatest moments of the newest Hall of Fame inductees, the nWo.
    • NEW! Memorable Entrances – Relive some of the most unforgettable entrances in WWE history!
    • Coolest Mixed Tag Teams – Enjoy some of the most intriguing mixed tag teams!
    • RKO Outta Nowhere – Relive the most devastating, unsuspecting RKOs from outta nowhere with this insert!
  • Base Set 200 base cards featuring memorable Men’s Division matches and moments in recent memory, and some of the greatest Superstars from Raw, SmackDown and NXT!



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