2022 Bowman Chrome Baseball Cards builds on a reputation of being one of the most prolific products to find ALL the top international and domestic prospect talent, with another stellar release! Build the entire 100-Card Base Set and 100-Card Chrome Prospect Set featuring a robust lineup of rookies, veterans, and top prospects from around the globe! This year’s release will, once again, feature a total of three different configurations. (SEE ATTACHED SELL SHEETS FOR ALL PARALLEL INFORMATION)

Configurations & Hits:

  • HOBBY: 12 master boxes/2 mini boxes/6 packs/5 cards
    • (2) Chrome Autographs in Every Box!
  • HTA CHOICE: 12 boxes/1 pack/3 cards
    • (3) Chrome Autographs in Every Box!
  • LITE: 16 boxes/10 packs/5 cards
    • (5) Bowman Chrome LITE EXCLUSIVE Black & White Mini-Diamond Parallels in Every Box!

2022 Bowman Chrome Baseball Cards PRODUCT HIGHLIGHTS:

  • 2021 Bowman Chrome Autographed Cards
    • Chrome Prospect Autographs with Refractors #’d from 499 to SuperFractor 1-of-1
  • NEW & HOBBY ONLY Refractor Parallels: NEW! Blue RayWave #’d to 150, Gold Mini-Diamond #’d to 50 HOBBY ONLY, Orange #’d to 25 HOBBY ONLY, Orange Shimmer #’d to 25 HOBBY ONLY
  • HTA EXCLUSIVE Refractors: HTA Choice #’d to 150, Green Atomic #’d to 99, Gold Shimmer #’d to 50, Orange Wave #’d to 25, Red Wave #’d to 5, Black Mojo #’d to 1-of-1
  • LITE EXCLUSIVE Black & White Mini Diamond Chrome Autographs
  • Chrome Rookie Autographs
  • Prime Chrome Signatures – #’d to 50
  • It Came to the League Autographs – Varied #’ing
  • Shades of Greatness Autographs – #’d to 99
  • 2021 AFL Fall Stars Autographs – Varied #’ing
  • 2021 AFL MVP Short Print Autograph – #’d to 100
  • Bowman Ascensions Autographs – Varied #’ing
  • 2022 Bowman Invicta Autographs – Varied #’ing
  • All-American Game Autographs – Varied #ing
  • 2022 Bowman Chrome Autographed Relic Cards

    • Chrome Autographed Relics – Varied #’ing
    • NEW! 2021 AFL Relics – Varied #’ing HOBBY ONLY
    • NEW! 2021 AFL Autograph Relics – Varied #’ing
  • 2022 Bowman Chrome Insert Sets – Look for an assortment of ALL-NEW variation themes and collectible insert sets!
    • Rookie Image Variations Short Print
    • NEW! Shades of Greatness (1:3 Packs) – Find the top rookies and prospects who have shaded up on glimpses of their game as they make their way to the show!
    • NEW! Bowman Invicta (1:24 Packs) – As a continuation of the nesting brand with Bowman Invicta , collect the entire set from throughout 2022 Bowman, Bowman Chrome, and Bowman Draft.
    • NEW! 2021 AFL Fall Stars (1:6 Packs) – A return to play for the Arizona Fall League was filled with a ton to celebrate in 2021. Join us in highlighting all the top players who headlined the league as the cream of the crop with their inclusion in the AFL Fall Stars lineup!
    • NEW! 2021 AFL MVP Short Print HOBBY ONLY
    • NEW! It Came to the League (1:12 Packs)
    • NEW CASE HIT! Bowman Ascensions (1:144 Packs)– The 2022 rendition of Bowman Ascensions comes with specially curated designs by the highly influential duo of artists at Invisible Creature! Be sure to look for all four stunning design variations throughout the insert!
  • 200-Card Base & Chrome Prospect Set
    • 100-Card Base Set of current stars and rookies.
      • NEW & HOBBY ONLY Refractor Parallels: NEW! Aqua RayWave #’d to 199 HOBBY ONLY, NEW! Yellow #’d to 75
      • Rookie Short Print Image Variations
      • NEW! Black & White Mini Diamond Refractor, #’d to 199 – LITE ONLY
    • 100-Card Prospect Set
      • NEW & HOBBY ONLY Refractor Parallels: Fuchsia/Pink Vapor #’d to 199, Aqua/Pink Vapor #’d to 125, Yellow/Orange #’d to 75, Red/Aqua #’d to 5


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