2022 Leaf Decadence Multi-Sport Trading Cards Checklist – Introducing the BRAND NEW product from Leaf, 2022 Leaf DecadenceAll of the cards featured in this POWERFUL RELEASE will be on Metal Framed Holo-Dimensional technology with matching colored frames as parallels! Every card is numbered to 10 or less!

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Leaf Decadence is scheduled to release on Friday, December 9, 2022.

You can download a copy of the complete checklist below:

2022 Leaf Decadence Multi-Sport Trading Cards delivers (3) Autographed Cards, which includes at least one multi-signed card in Every Box!

Here are the autograph highlights to look for in Leaf Decadence:

  • Base Auto: Beautifully designed autographed base set featuring legends and stars such as: Stephen Curry, Pele, Floyd Mayweather and Tony Hawk!
  • 1949 Leaf: Modeled after the iconic 1948-49 Leaf designs, this card features only Icons such as: Sandy Koufax, Erling Haaland, Chuck Norris and Juan Soto!
  • Poetry in Motion: Stunning design featuring sports legends that put poetry in motion such as: Barry Sanders, Ken Griffey Jr., Cristiano Ronaldo and Maria Sharapova!
  • Sixteen Signature Cards: Quad-fold booklets featuring themed groupings of autographs from sports like NFL quarterbacks!
  • Halligraphy: Autograph set featuring only those legends that have been enshrined with sports highest honor such as: Brett Favre, Ric Flair, Shaquille O’Neal, Sandy Koufax and Larry Bird!
  • Eclat: A brilliantly displayed autographed card featuring superstars such as: Lionel Messi, Aaron Rodgers, Naomi Osaka and Mike Tyson!
  • Decades: Two Legends that shined and shared a decade of dominance such as: Stephen Curry/Floyd Mayweather Jr. 2010s, Julius Erving/O.J. Simpson 1970s and Ichiro/Allen Iverson 2000s!
  • Dual Autos: A prodigious pairing signed these bad boys! Look for dual signatures of Ric Flair/Hulk Hogan, Tony Hawk/Chloe Kim, Ken Griffey Jr./Randy Johnson and Stephen Curry/Damian Lillard!
  • The Core Four: 4 Legendary signatures from the same team on one card you say? YES! Look for amazing quad autos of Vinicius Jr./Karim Benzema/Marcelo/Luka Modric, Emmitt Smith/Troy Aikman/Michael Irvin/Deion Sanders and Tony La Russa/Mark McGwire/Jose Canseco/Dennis Eckersley!
  • The Epic 3: Triple signed card featuring a divine trinity of legends such as: Allen Iverson/Stephen Curry/Damian Lillard, Mike Tyson/Khabib Nurmagomedov/Chuck Norris and Ken Griffey Jr./Frank Thomas/Jeff Bagwell!
  • The Four Legends: A quad signed card featuring only legends such as: Dan Marino/Brett Favre/Joe Montana/John Elway, Pele/Cristiano Ronaldo/Lionel Messi/Ronaldo Nazario and Erling Haaland/Stephen Curry/Khabib Nurmagomedov/Shohei Ohtani!
  • Octet: A double front 8 signed card!! YES EIGHT SIGNATURES! Featuring 8 legends such as: Pele/Ronaldo/Messi/Lewandowski/Haaland/Vinicius Jr./Benzema/De Bruyne and Messi/Curry/Mayweather Jr./Ohtani/Lillard/Rodgers/Haaland/DeChambeau!

For more details about 2022 Leaf Decadence Multi-Sport Trading Cards, please visit the product page.


2022 Leaf Decadence Multi-Sport Trading Cards Checklist – Image Gallery


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