2022 Leaf In The Game Used Sports Trading Cards Checklist – Introducing the return of one of the hobby’s most celebrated and anticipated multi-sport products of the year! This product features a star-2022 Leaf In The Game Used Sports Cardsstudded checklist including Erling Haaland, Maria Sharapova, Albert Pujols, Ichiro, Joe Montana, Sandy Koufax, Ken Griffey Jr., Stephen Curry and many more!

Leaf In The Game Used Sports is scheduled to release on Friday, February 24, 2023.

You can download a copy of the complete checklist below:

2022 Leaf In The Game Used Sports Trading Cards delivers (5) Premium HITS to include Autographed, Memorabilia and/or Autographed Memorabilia Cards in Every Box!

Here are the Premium Hit highlights to look for in Leaf In The Game Used Sports:

  • 1960 Leaf: A single player memorabilia card featured on the iconic 1960 Leaf design! Showcasing game used memorabilia cards of legends and superstars such as: Mike Tyson, Ichiro, Julius Erving and Cristiano Ronaldo!

  • Captains: A single player memorabilia card featuring stars and legends that served on their team as captains. These legendary captains include: Thurman Munson, Mel Ott, Willie Mays and Babe Ruth!
  • Cinderella: A quad memorabilia card featuring four players that starred on teams that achieved success against great odds! Such as: 1988 Los Angeles Dodger – Gibson/Lasorda/Hershiser/Sax and 1995 Seattle Mariners – Griffey/Johnson/Martinez/Buhner
  • Game Used Memorabilia Single, Dual, Triple, Quad: Featuring game used memorabilia from sports heroes such as:
    • Single – Muhammad Ali, Lionel Messi and Ted Williams
    • Dual – Walter Payton/Bronko Nagurski and Kobe Bryant/Kevin Durant
    • Triple – Mickey Mantle/Joe DiMaggio/Whitey Ford
    • Quad: –Marino/Montana/Elway/Kelly and Halaand/Lewandowski/Bellingham/Mbappe
  • Grip and Rip: A dual player match used golf tournament card! Featuring match used golf gloves of: Nicklaus/Palmer, Snead/Nicklaus and Mickelson/Johnson
  • Hall of Fame Caliber: A single player game used memorabilia card featuring legends that haven’t been enshrined but probably should be! Such as: Thurman Munson, Pete Rose and Steve Garvey!
  • In The Game Used Auto: A signed game used memorabilia card of sports legends from all avenues of sport! Such as:
    • Single – Lionel Messi, Steph Curry, Mike Tyson and John Elway
    • Duals – Montana/Marino, Iverson/Curry, Haaland/Lewandowski
    • Triples – Griffiey/Thomas/Bagwell, Erving/Magic/Bird and Haaland/Curry/Ohtani
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    In The Game Used Six Auto: Double front six signed card!! Pele/Messi/C.Ronaldo/Haaland/Lewandowski/Foden and Magic/Thomas/Curry/Kidd/Parker/Bibby

  • Back to Back: Two players sign double front autographs featuring teammates that were back-to-back champions! Such as: Bradshaw/Lambert, Aikman/Emmitt and Magic/Worthy!
  • Vignette: An autographed set putting the spotlight on superstars of sport! Such as: Juan Soto, Sandy Koufax, Pele and Ric Flair!
  • With the 1st Overall Pick: A single player signature memorabilia card featuring former #1 overall picks! Such as: Peyton Manning, Ken Griffey Jr., Troy Aikman and Chipper Jones!
  • Legendary Locker Room: A six player memorabilia card featuring what would be a dream locker room! Such as: Mantle/Williams/DiMaggio/Musial/Snider/Robinson and Olajuwon/Garnett/Wilkins/Parker/Magic/Giannis
  • Super Swatch Signatures: An auto memorabilia card with a JUMBO-sized memorabilia swatch! Featuring sports icons such as: Joe Montana, Nolan Ryan, Erling Haaland and Tony Dorsett!
  • In The Name Used Letter: Featuring letters right of the back of superstar game used jerseys! Look for iconic names such as Karim Benzema, Tracey McGrady and David Beckham!
  • JUMBO Patch: A patch of greatness in JUMBO size! Featuring monster star patches such as: Kylian Mbappe, Mark McGwire and John Stockton!
  • Memorabilia Madness: A 12 player double front game used memorabilia card pitting famous franchises against each other tourney style! Such as #1 seed Lakers of Magic/Kareem/Kobe/Shaq/Worthy/Riley vs. #8 Knicks of Ewing/Frazier/Houston/Anthony/King/Sprewell or #1 seed Yankees of Ruth/DiMaggio/Mantle/Ford/Berra/Jeter vs. #8 Twins of Killebrew/Puckett/Carew/Molitor/Blyleven/Mauer
  • Reign of Champions: A three player memorabilia card of championship heroes! Such as: Mantle/Ford/Berra and Bird/Parish/McHale!
  • Ring Leaders: A single player memorabilia card that features legends that have blinding bling from all their titles! Such as: Tom Brady, Roger Federer and Mickey Mantle
  • Sole Man: A single player game used memorabilia card featuring sneakers and cleats! Featuring fancy footwear from: Derek Jeter, Patrick Ewing, Jackie Jensen, Ronald Acuna, Gary Payton and more!
  • Sports Lore 4: A four player game used memorabilia set featuring a quartet of greatness! Such as: Montana/Griffey Jr./Maradona/Tyson and Messi/Giannis/Nadal/Jeter
  • Team Utopia: An eight player memorabilia card featuring all-time greats paired together for Team Utopia! Such as: Mantle/Williams/DiMaggio/Paige/Campanella/Musial/Schmidt
  • The Chosen Few: Amazing 1-of-1 memorabilia insert set featuring MLB Logos, NBA Logos and NFL Shields plus some amazing patches, tags, logos and more! Featuring incredible memorabilia from: Kobe Bryant, Lionel Messi and Erling Haaland!
  • The Grand Salami Six: A six player memorabilia card featuring six of the most prolific grand slam home run heroes of all-time! Ruth/Kingman/Griffey Jr./Pujols/Giambi/Hodges
  • The Legendary 200: An eight player game used memorabilia card featuring some of the greatest athletes of all-time! Look for: DiMaggio/Palmer/Tyson/Sanders/Lemieux/Kareem/Maradona/Navratilova and Marino/Ronaldo/Bird/Mays/Hull/Nagurski/Musial/Namath
  • The Cathedral: Only Yankee Legends are featured in this insert showcasing actual pieces of original Yankee stadium seats! Look for Yankee Legends such as: Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig, Roger Maris, Whitey Ford and Mickey Mantle!
  • Time Worn 2: A dual player game used memorabilia card featuring timeless sports legends such as Robin Roberts/Don Drysdale, Satchel Paige/Bob Lemon, Bjorn Borg/Roger Federer and Kobe Bryant/Dwyane Wade
  • One Upon a Time in…: A single player signature card exquisitely designed to feature the city the legend played for! Such as: Sandy Koufax, Julius Erving, Ken Griffey Jr., Barry Sanders and more!

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