Break a Box of Fringe Season 5 Premium Collection – Many fans and collectors firmly believe the cult hit on Fox came to it’s conclusion far too prematurely. Thankfully, the show will live on in digital media and a comprehensive trading card collection from Cryptozoic Entertainment.

Fringe Season 5 Premium Collection hits hobby store shelves, tomorrow, February 17th, 2016. Originally slated as a traditional 24-pack product, the company cancelled the original solicitation and re-solicited the product as a premium collection set.

Every box of Fringe Season 5 Premium Collection Trading Cards, will include:

  • (1) Metal Glyph card
  • (2) Autograph cards
  • (4) Wardrobe cards

The folks at Cryptozoic recently opened a box. For more details about the Fringe Season 5 Premium Collection, including a full image gallery, please visit the product page.

Fringe Trading Cards Season 5 Premium CollectionCalling all Fringe fans from across the Universes! Fringe Season 5 Collectible Tin will be available 2/17. Watch this video to see what is inside, and maybe for a giveaway or two…

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