Classic Smurfs Sticker Book Collection

Classic Smurfs Sticker Book Collection – Bring the Smurfs to life through the collectible stickers and sticker book. The Smurfs™ Stickers and Sticker Book collection provides collectors with an opportunity to put together a 122* sticker set (*includes 18 foil stickers) in the Sticker Packs; and a 16 page Sticker Book (which includes a Free poster).

Packaging Configurations:

Sticker Book & Sticker Pack Dual Display/Gravity Feed – 30 Sticker Books & 50 Sticker Packs Per Dual Display/Gravity Feed – 4 Dual Display/Gravity Feeds Per Case

Sticker Books in Bulk – 16 Pages and One sheet of 12 standard stickers and 1 Poster Per Sticker Book – 30 Sticker Books Poly-Bagged Per Sub-Shipper – 4 Poly-Bagged Sub-Shippers Per Case

Sticker Pack Boxes – 7 Stickers Per Sticker Pack 6 standard and 1 foil) – 50 Sticker Packs Per Sticker Pack Box – 12 Sticker Pack Boxes Per Case

Classic Smurfs Sticker Book Collection PRODUCT HIGHLIGHTS:

  • Sticker Book – Themed sticker book featuring classic Smurfs art. Each sticker book page is themed around a different Smurfs adventure. (Sticker Book includes 12 standard stickers and 1 poster)
  • Sticker Packs – Stickers depicting each of the Smurfs characters. Each sticker includes a character name and number. Find the number on your Smurfy sticker scene and build your sticker collection! (Each Sticker pack includes 6 standard stickers and 1 foil sticker)