Collectors LOVING Upper Deck Inscriptions Football – Wow! Have you seen some of the prices the low numbered autographs from Upper Deck Inscriptions football are selling for on eBay?!?

Raising the game to deliver more than just an athlete’s signature, Inscriptions Football offers collectors the opportunity to collect signature cards with a little more flair and personalization. While the concept isn’t new, collectors are certainly voting with their wallets, as to their popularity, based on recent sales. Here’s a sampling.

Jameis Winston Gold #’d 3/10
Sold for: $574.55

Jameis Winston

Marcus Mariota Gold #’d 2/10
Sold for: $525

Marcus Mariota

Marcus Mariota Gold #’d 9/10
Sold for: $440

Marcus Mariota 2

Jameis Winston Gold #’d 8/10
Sold for: $350

Jameis Winston 2

Marcus Mariota Black #’d 8/25
Sold for: $330.02
Marcus Mariota 3

Marcus Mariota Red #’d /49
Sold for: $305, $220
Marcus Mariota 4

Jameis Winston Red #’d /49
Sold for: $232.50, $230, $217.50
Jameis Winston 3

Amari Cooper Gold #’d 2/10
Sold for: $176.89
Amari Cooper

To find out more about Upper Deck Inscriptions Football, please visit the product page.

Collectors LOVING Upper Deck Inscriptions Football

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