Cryptozoic Announces Arrow S3 Prop Card Case Incentive – How’s this for a truly unique card. Cryptozoic has secured an actual arrow prop used on set by actor Stephen Amell. This limited edition card is serial numbered to just 30 copies. It should garner huge interest from collectors and fans of the show.

Over-sized in nature, the card measures 4×6 inches. It is available on a first come, first serve basis to any dealer ordering ten cases of the upcoming Arrow Season 3 Trading Cards from Cryptozoic Entertainment.

Cryptozoic Arrow Season 3 Trading Cards (2016) delivers (1) Autographed Card and (1) Wardrobe Card in Every Box! Now entering its fifth season, this smash hit on CW has been a sellout in the previous two releases! 

For more information about Cryptozoic Arrow Season 3 Trading Cards, please visit the product page.

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