FREE 32-Card Benchwarmer 4th of July Autograph Set!!

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BW14JUL4TH_LFREE 32-Card Benchwarmer 4th of July Autograph Set!!
FROM HUMBLE BEGINNINGS IN 1992, Bench Warmer started as a simple idea: to put beautiful women on baseball cards. It was a nostalgic throwback to the Golden Era of baseball cards that most American boys collected – except with hot girls on them instead of sports heroes.
Now, 22 years later, Bench Warmer has become an entertaining hobby for tens of thousands of card collectors worldwide (our rare inserts often fetch hundreds of dollars on Ebay). Celebrating beauty, fun and not taking life too seriously, Bench Warmer takes pride in being a model-friendly business. And our Bench Warmer girls, numbering over 600, have in turn shown a sorority-like loyalty to the brand. Each year they help us collect well over 2,000 toys for the Marines’ Annual Toys For Tots program. Along with supporting good causes, they’ve also helped make our Bench Warmer parties in Hollywood the stuff of legends.
Bench Warmer has become a multinational brand with a core product that has become a highly desired true collectible sold in over 25 countries. We have purposely kept tight control on the content that we create to avoid overexposing our brand — and have ALWAYS made a conscious effort to keep it tasteful as well as sexy. Bench Warmer owns all of its high quality content, containing tens of thousands of images and thousands of hours of video footage featuring beautiful women from the world of film, print, and TV in a multitude of assorted creative themes. In January of 2015 we launched our first collectors club in response to thousands of loyal collectors who want to take their collecting status to the next level.