Future Watch: Jordan Howard, Football Rookie Cards, Bears – While Jeremy Langford may be the featured back in Chicago at the moment, that could quickly change. Jordan Howard’s skills were on full display after Langford went down in the first half of yesterday’s game with a lower-body injury.

Jordan Howard, a native of Alabama, played his first two years of college football for the University of Alabama-Birmingham. When the school shut down the program, he transferred to Indiana. The Chicago Bears selected him in the fifth round with the 150th overall pick in the 2016 NFL Draft.

In three-years of NCAA football, Howard proved to be a reliable dual threat out of the backfield.

Future Watch: Jordan Howard, Football Rookie Cards, Bears

His NFL Draft Profile states: “The loss of Matt Forte hurts, but don’t be surprised if Jordan Howard becomes the primary back in Chicago. With his size and downhill power, he’s a more traditional back who can close out a game and endure the elements late in the season.” Mark Dulgerian, NFL Prospect Analyst

Future Watch: Jordan Howard Football Rookie Cards, Bears – The Cards

Playing for one of the league’s most storied franchises, Jordan Howard has several prospect themed football cards from draft pick related products. These include those produced by Panini, Leaf and Sage. At this point in the collecting season, Howard is heavily featured in numerous NFL licensed football card products released by Panini America.

Prices for Howard’s NFL licensed rookie football cards have slowly been seeing an increase on the secondary market since the start of the NFL season. Demand will only grow if he performs well early in the 2016 NFL season.

The following Panini football card products all feature Howard in his Chicago Bears uniform.

Several additional products remain on Panini’s NFL football card release calendar. Collectors can be assured that Jordan Howard will be heavily featured in these future products.

Future Watch: Jordan Howard, Football Rookie Cards, Bears – Image Gallery

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