In partnership with Tristar, GTS Distribution is proud to offer our customers an opportunity to provide a specialized incentive when offering Tristar products through an Online or In-Store Group Break.

For each (4) Boxes of applicable Tristar product purchased, Tristar will provide (1) Autographed item to be used as a prize for the break. The break can be all one product or a mixture of products. Promotion eligibility applies for any new order from GTS In-Stock Inventory – of any 2012 & 2013 Tristar ProductBaseball, Football or TNA Wrestling.

 As an example:

Purchase (2) boxes of 2013 Tristar Honors Signacuts Baseball and (2) boxes of 2013 Tristar Signacuts Bronx Edition Baseball from GTS; to sell through an Online or InStore Break and Tristar will send (1) Autographed Baseball item to that customer to use in their break as a grand prize or other promotional incentive as determined by each individual store or online breaking site.

Products can be mixed and matched according to your needs as long as each purchase is in (4) box lots. GTS can contact Tristar directly to address any questions or modification requests you may have.

This offer is only available for the remainder of the 2013 calendar year, so order you boxes TODAY!

Promotional Items could consist of the following GREAT items:

Baseball Breaks:

  • Hidden Treasures Autographed Baseballs
  • Honors Baseball Signacuts
  • Platinum Baseballs
  • Bronx Baseballs
  • Other Autographed BB Items

Football Breaks:

  • Autographed Mini Helmets
  • Dallas Cowboys 8×10 Photos
  • Hidden Treasures Football 8×10 Photos
  • Other Autographed Football Items

 TNA IMPACT Wrestling Breaks:

  • TNA Autographed Cards
  • TNA Unopened Boxes
  • TNA Memorabilia Cards
  • Other Tristar Sports Products

Thank you to Tristar for this tremendous promotional opportunity and thank you, as always, to our great customers. We hope you enjoy and take advantage of this opportunity.

Team GTS



Promo: GTS and Tristar Announce Exclusive Incentive Promotion for Group Breaks

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