Guide to Collecting the 2014 Bowman Draft Autographs Part 2

Guide to Collecting the 2014 Bowman Draft Autographs Part 2 – In part one of this series, we took a look at players included on the 2014 Bowman Draft autograph checklist that were selected in the Top 30 picks of the 2014 MLB Draft. This next part will look at the remaining players selected in the first round and players selected in the top half of the second round.

Guide to Collecting the 2014 Bowman Draft Autographs Part 2

2014 Bowman Draft Autographs  – Late First/Early Second Round Draft Picks

Justus Sheffield – Cleveland Indians, LHP
Overall Pick: 31, Organization Ranking: 7
Scouting Report: The nephew of former All-Star Gary Sheffield, Justus throws four pitches with decent command of each. Not overpowering relies on pitch movement and a change in velocity to attack batters. He projects as a number three starter who can eat up a lot of innings.

BCA-JS Justus Sheffield
Card# BCA-JS Justus Sheffield
Braxton Davidson – Atlanta Braves, OF
Overall Pick: 32, Organization Ranking: 5
Scouting Report: Possesses and advanced understanding of the strike zone displaying mature plate discipline and good bat speed. He hits for average and power and has drawn comparisons to Anthony Rizzo. He has a strong arm but below average speed making a move to first base highly probable.

BCA-BD Braxton Davidson
Card# BCA-BD Braxton Davidson
Michael Kopech – Boston Red Sox, RHP
Overall Pick: 33, Organization Ranking: 15
Scouting Report: An increase on the velocity of his fastball, hitting 98mph, and complicated, but repeatable mechanics may mean a move to a relief role as he progresses through the Red Sox deep farm system.

BCA-MK Michael Kopech
Card# BCA-MK Michael Kopech
Jack Flaherty – St. Louis Cardinals, RHP
Overall Pick: 34, Organization Ranking: 5
Scouting Report: Has good command and control of the strike zone with a four pitch repertoire that includes an elite changeup that compliments his low 90s fastball. An all around athlete with good mechanics he projects as a number three starter.

BCA-JF Jack Flaherty
Card# BCA-JF Jack Flaherty
Forrest Wall – Colorado Rockies, 2B
Overall Pick: 35, Organization Ranking:9
Scouting Report: Solid and consistent contact hitter with exceptional plate discipline. Below average power but can hit doubles to the gap like a machine. Limited to 2nd defensively.

BCA-FW Forrest Wall
Card# BCA-FW Forrest Wall
Blake Anderson – Miami Marlins, C
Overall Pick: 36, Organizational Ranking: N/A
Scouting Report: Has all the defensive tools to be an everyday player. He can hit for power but will need better plate discipline to hit for average at the MLB level to use his prowess behind the plate everyday.

BCA-BAN Blake Anderson
Card# BCA-BAN Blake Anderson
Derek Fisher – Houston Astros, OF
Overall Pick: 37, Organizational Ranking: 13
Scouting Report: Despite working on a hole in his swing that will prevent him from hitting for average he has plus-plus power. He has excellent bat speed and coaches are hoping to enhance his raw power by helping him develop a more disciplined approach at the plate.

BCA-DF Derek Fisher
Card# BCA-DF Derek Fisher
Mike Papi – Houston Astros, OF
Overall Pick: 38, Organizational Ranking: 14
Scouting Report: A gifted hitter with a discerning eye at the plate. He projects to hit for average with a high on base percentage. Limited speed will relegate him to right-field, most likely, which is ideal given his superior arm strength.

BCA-MPA Mike Papi
Card# BCA-MPA Mike Papi
Connor Joe – Pittsburgh Pirates, C
Overall Pick: 39, Organizational Ranking: 18
Scouting Report: He is an all-around athlete that can play multiple defensive positions. He possess raw power and bat speed that projects to solid power hitting numbers regardless of where he lands in the infield.

BCA-CJ Connor Joe
Card# BCA-CJ Connor Joe
 Chase Vallot – Kansas City Royals, C
Overall Pick: 40, Organizational Ranking: 10
Scouting Report: A natural pull hitter with a short, compact swing, he projects to hit for some power thanks to his quick bat speed. A contact hitter, he is still learning to hit to all fields. A strong and accurate arm makes him an ideal backstop.

BCA-CV Chase Vallot
Card# BCA-CV Chase Vallot
Jacob Gatewood – Milwaukee Brewer, SS
Overall Pick: 41, Organizational Ranking: 4
Scouting Report: Although referred to early by scouts as a five-tool player, he will more than likely settle in as a corner infielder. He can be a run producer but needs more games at the next level.

BCA-JG Jacob Gatewood
Card# BCA-JG Jacob Gatewood
A.J. Reed – Houston Astros, 1B
Overall Pick: 42, Organizational Ranking: 14
Scouting Report: Although a phenomenal college pitcher, being a left-handed hitter with some of the best raw power in the draft will keep him off the mound as a pro.

BCA-AR A.J. Reed
Card# BCA-AR A.J. Reed
Justin Twine – Miami Marlins, SS
Overall Pick: 43, Organizational Ranking: 13
Scouting Report: A natural athlete, with all-around skills, he will be a work in progress as he moves from being a multi-sport athlete to focusing solely on baseball.

BCA-JT Justin Twine
Card# BCA-JT Justin Twine
Spencer Adams – Chicago White Sox, RHP
Overall Pick: 44, Organizational Ranking: 6
Scouting Report: Shows good control of the strike zone with a fastball in the low 90s. Throws a tight, late breaking slider in the mid 80s. Needs to develop a solid third pitch.

BCA-SA Spencer Adams
Card# BCA-SA Spencer Adams
Jake Stinnett – Chicago Cubs, RHP
Overall Pick: 45, Organizational Ranking: 2
Scouting Report: Possesses a low 90s fastball with a lot of movement that generates a lot of strikeouts and ground outs. However, his true out pitch is a low 80s slider with late break. Needs to work on consistent release point and controlling his delivery.

BCA-JST Jake Stinnett
Card# BCA-JST Jake Stinnett
Nick Burdi – Minnesota Twins, RHP
Overall Pick: 46, Organizational Ranking: 12
Scouting Report: The best fastball in the draft having been clocked on occasion at 103mph. devastating slider is a swing and a miss pitch. Compliments those pitches with a show me changeup. Displays average command and control.

BCA-NB Nick Burdi
Card# BCA-NB Nick Burdi
Matt Imhof – Philadelphia Phillies, LHP
Overall Pick: 47, Organizational Ranking: 10
Scouting Report: Has a solid all-around pitch arsenal of a fastball, slider, changeup. Displays decent command and control. His delivery is deceptive and his pitches have movement. A perfect innings eating number three starting pitcher.

BCA-MI Matt Imhof
Card# BCA-MI Matt Imhof
Ryan Castellani – Colorado Rockies, 1B
Overall Pick: 48, Organizational Ranking: N/A
Scouting Report: Throws a 94mph sinker, perfect for Coors Field. Mikes it up with breaking balls and a changeup. He can rack up innings inducing a lot of groundouts.

BCA-RC Ryan Castellani
Card# BCA-RC Ryan Castellani
Sean Reid-Foley – Toronto Blue Jays, RHP
Overall Pick: 49, Organizational Ranking:10
Scouting Report: Has gained velocity on his fastball which now sits in the low 90s. Has a workable slider but needs to show consistency with it. Command and control is on par for a pitcher of his age and caliber. Projects as a number two starter.

BCA-SRF Sean Reid-Foley
Card # BCA-SRF Sean Reid-Foley
 Montee HarrisonMilwaukee Brewers, OF
Overall Pick: 50, Organizational Ranking:5
Scouting Report: Draws comparisons to Torii with excellent speed, defensive skills and a strong and accurate arm. Has above average to plus skills at the plate. Needs more at bats to fully develop his swing and plate discipline.

BCA-MH Monte Harrison
Card# BCA-MH Monte Harrison
Michael Gettys – San Diego Padres, OF
Overall Pick: 51, Organizational Ranking:15
Scouting Report: Above average to plus power with good bat speed despite an a swing that is not fully developed yet. He will be a work in progress at the plate but shows plus in all other tools. He has to be able to reach base consistently. 

BCA-MG Michael Gettys
Card# BCA-MG Michael Gettys
 Aramis Garcia – San Francisco Giants, C
Overall Pick: 52, Organizational Ranking:9
Scouting Report: Draws comparisons to A.J. Pierzynski. He shows an above average skill set behind the plate. In the batter’s box has good hands that generate quick bat speed. Can consistently drive the ball back up the middle and displays some power as well.

BCA-AG Aramis Garcia
Card# BCA-AG Aramis Garcia
 Joe Gatto – Los Angeles Dodgers, RHP
Overall Pick: 53, Organizational Ranking:2
Scouting Report: Built like a tank at 6’5″ and 215lbs, he throws a deceptive fastball with good movement in the low 90s. His curve ball can throw off hitters due to the significant drop in velocity to the upper 70s. Control is average and will come with experience as he learns to use his big body.

BCA-JGA Joe Gatto
Card# BCA-JGA Joe Gatto