When the 2013 football card collecting season began, following the annual NFL Draft, many collectors were left questioning where the value would be in 2013 products with a first round draft class devoid of any high-profile skill position players. As we approach the half-way point of the regular season several players have emerged to quell those concerns.

With strong starts by Eddie Lacy, Tyler Eifert and Montee Ball to name a few, the early returns on the collectibility of the 2013 Draft Class seem unfounded. Additionally, the breakout performance this weekend by Oakland Raiders quarterback, Matt McGloin, continues to prove that there are still plenty of hidden gems being revealed in 2013 Upper Deck Football and other current NFL products.

It’s interesting to note, that thus far, Upper Deck was the only company to include McGloin on a rookie checklist. In fact, due to the size of the rookie checklist within 2013 Upper Deck Football, there are probably other players to which this situation might apply. Collector’s can chase not only his Star Rookie card (#121) but a Black/White glossy parallel version numbered to just 15, as well as a parallel autograph.

The rookie checklist for 2013 Upper Deck Football contains a whopping 250 players, 60 of which are short-prints and another 40 that are considered rare, SSP’s. Autograph versions of each player, at each level are also part of this mammoth set.

As the season progresses and playing time increases for this crop of emerging talent, it will be interesting to see just what other cards begin to catch fire in the manner in which Matt McGloin’s have. Secondary market prices for his autographed rookie card, of which there are just 15 copies, have exceeded $250 in recent days. An impressively strong performance for a player largely forgotten within other 2013 football products.

For more information on 2013 Upper Deck Football, visit the product page and don’t miss out on those potential diamonds in the rough.

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