Hro DC Chapter 3 SHAZAM Hybrid NFT Trading Cards delivers (157) Total Unique Physical Trading Cards including (123) Multiverse Cards, and (34) Limited-Edition Movie Cards.


  • Configurations:
    • 4-Pack Premium – 48 boxes/4 packs
      • (3) Packs of 7 Cards (5 Base Cards + 2 Ltd Edition Cards)
      • (1) Premium Pack of 8 cards (includes 1 Premium Movie Card)
      • (5) Holographic Cards – GUARANTEED
    • 8-Pack Premium – 24 boxes/8 packs
      • (6) Packs of 7 Cards (5 Base Cards + 2 Limited Edition Cards)
      • (2) Premium Packs of 8 cards (each includes 1 Premium Movie Card)
      • (10) Holographic Cards – GUARANTEED
    • 24-Pack Hobby CDU – 24 boxes/24 packs/7 cards (5 Base Cards + 2 Limited Edition Cards)
      • (24) Holographic Cards – GUARANTEED
      • (48) Limited-Edition Cards 

Hro DC Chapter 3 SHAZAM Hybrid NFT Trading Cards  PRODUCT HIGHLIGHTS:

  • DC UNLOCK THE MULTIVERSEIn Chapter 3, collect up to 157 unique pieces of iconic art from DC’s comic book history, spanning characters that include Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, and so many more. You’ll be able to journey through every era of DC, whether it’s venturing back to 1938 for Action Comics #1 or digging into the present-day adventures of SHAZAM 2, in theaters soon.
  • LIMITED-EDITION SHAZAM 2 MOVIE CARDS: Celebrate the release of Warner Bros. and DC’s SHAZAM 2, with special cards to take you deeper into the adventures of the film. You’ll find still photography, graphic designs, and more!
  • MINT NUMBERS: With ALL Hro chapters, Every Card has a unique mint showing the order in which it was created. Lower mints = higher scores to rise to the top of the leaderboards!
  • Download the Hro mobile app to register EACH card as a 1:1 digital NFT twin, minted on Immutable X! (an Ethereum-based carbon-neutral Layer2 blockchain)


      • COLLECT: Forge your legacy as additional card drops are released throughout the year, bringing you closer to your favorite DC Super Heroes and Super-Villains as well as the places they call home. Engage with fans from around the world while you venture into the vast depths of the DC Multiverse.
      • BUY / SELL / TRADE: To rise to the top of the leaderboards, you’ll need to power up your trading skills, either directly in the Hro marketplace or outside of it if preferred. Negotiate with buyers, sellers, and other traders to curate your dream lineup of cards.
      • COMPETE: Seek out the RAREST cards, rise to the top of the global leaderboards, and unlock the chance to win special rewards/experiences that’ll bring the DC Multiverse to life.
      • EXPERIENCE: Celebrating your fandom has never looked quite like this! Our dynamic global community is taking collecting to the next level…join us as this new era unfolds by visiting the Hro platform daily to see how the DC Multiverse continues to expand all year long.
      • JOIN THE COMMUNITY: Your voice, interests, knowledge, and passion always come first in the Hro universe. Each member powers up the platform to span borders and time zones, illustrating the timeless connection fostered by DC’s unforgettable storytelling.



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