In A Blaze of Glory, 2014-15 SP Authentic BasketballIn A Blaze of Glory, 2014-15 SP Authentic Basketball – In a conscientious decision to prevent the devaluation of Michael Jordan signatures, Upper Deck hung up its basketball jersey following the release of 2014-15 Upper Deck SP Authentic Basketball.  But not before loading up the product with high-end MJ autographs and inserts. If they were going to go out of the basketball card market, even temporarily, Upper Deck was going to leave its mark and go out in a blaze of glory.

The result for collectors is a product that has one of the lowest odds of pulling an authentic Michael Jordan autograph in the history of the company. In addition, Upper Deck capitalized on the popularity of the Jambalaya insert and used it In A Blaze of Glory, 2014-15 SP Authentic Basketballliberally throughout the product. However, the inclusion of both autographs and inserts at a collector friendly rate, hasn’t effected the value of these cards. They still sell for top dollar as evidenced by recent sales on eBay.

2014-15 SP Authentic Basketball incorporates a set that chronicles Michael Jordan’s prestigious NCAA career in the form of Authentic Moments. An autographed version, signed in gold makes for a genuine cornerstone piece for any collection.

In A Blaze of Glory, 2014-15 SP Authentic Basketball2014-15 SP Authentic Basketball delivers (3) Autograph Cards and (8) Rookie Extended Series Cards in Every Box! Look for Autographs from Legends & Rookies of not only Michael Jordan but LeBron James, Magic Johnson, Julius Irving, Bill Russell, Aaron Gordon, Mitch McGary, Nikola Mirotic and more!

The current selling price of boxes is running around $85. That is an absolute steal for a chance at the premium autograph content available in the product.

You can download a copy of the complete checklist and see additional images here.

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