Marvel Beginnings Volume 2, Series 2 Retail Blaster delivers (1) Patterned Foilboard Parallel, (3) Illustration Board Cards and (6) Thematic Inserts in Every Box! Upper Deck Marvel Beginnings merges the throwback-inspired history of the Marvel Universe filled with everyone’s favorite characters. Ranging back from 1939 to the present day with new technology and thematic designs to showcase fan-favorite characters, incredibly RARE comic clippings, plus creator autographs from Marvel Legends.

Configuration: 20 boxes/9 packs/5 cards

* Please note, all insertion ratios listed below are on average over the entire production run

Pack Hits:

  • (4) Base Set Cards
  • (1) Colored Base Set Parallel

Box Break:

  • (1) Patterned Foilboard Parallel
  • (3) Illustration Board Cards
  • (6) Thematic Inserts

Case Hits:

  • Find on average these cards from the following:
    • Flipped FX Cards, Illustration Boards, Rainbow Foilboard Base Set, Micro Motion, Red Supernova Parallels, Breakthrough Issues, and Original Sketch Cards.

Marvel Beginnings Volume 2, Series 2 Retail Blaster Product Highlights:

  • (180) Character Card Base Set featuring a staggering (540) characters from the publishing universe spread amongst our 1, 2, 3 series.
  • Discover a BLASTER EXCLUSIVE Red Supernova Parallel!
  • NEW eye-catching Inserts including:
    • Holograms featuring Superheroes and Villains derived from Marvel’s publishing library.
      • Glitz & Glam with a Gold Parallel featuring strong female characters featured in the Marvel Universe.
      • Heavyweights, Gods of Marvel, Swordsmen, and Cosmic Annihilation all capture an array of characters to showcase power, weapons, and status from various comic book art.



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