McFarlane Toys Adds DC Collectors Figures Line, 2020 Releases PlannedMcFarlane Toys Adds DC Collectors Figures Line, 2020 Releases Planned – The longtime maker of collectible action figures, for a wide range of licenses, is set to begin a new heroic journey. McFarlane Toys has entered into a three-year global licensing agreement with Warner Bros. Consumer Products to release collector figures from the expansive DC Multiverse.

Planned for release in early 2020, McFarlane Toys will bring dozens of legendary DC characters to life with both 6-inch and 12-inch action figures. The collectible figures will come fully accessorized. In addition, popular, well-recognized vehicles from the DC Multiverse will also be created. Distribution will be through typical channels including both mass market and specialty retail stores.

ICv2 reports quote McFarlane Toys, Owner and CEO, Todd McFarlane as saying, “This partnership with Warner Bros. Consumer Products and DC will be great fun for my company, and a chance to deliver products that millions of fans of the DC brand have been asking for. The DC Universe has captivated the world and to be able to play in that ‘sandbox’ now makes me feel like a kid all over again. I can’t wait to see what we can accomplish together.”

Well known for their realistic detailing and affordability, McFarlane’s line of action figures have been a staple in both sports and pop culture for decades. This new opportunity is sure to invigorate collectors with a whole new look at some of the DC Universe’s most celebrated characters.

Further details and specifics about the planned figure releases are currently unavailable. Also, visitors to New York Toy Fair should not plan on getting an early look as the company said it is still too early in the design stage. So be sure to book your 2020 trip for New York and get ready for a whole new McFarlane adventure.

Check out an interview with Todd McFarlane on IGN.

McFarlane Toys Adds DC Collectors Figures Line, 2020 Releases Planned

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