Upper Deck has done a lot for the hobby to capture the interest of traditional sports fans in the hopes of converting them to collectors. A couple of recent posts on the company’s official blog exemplify this perfectly. In addition, the upcoming, in store event, National Hockey Card Day is a great way to promote collecting.

Hockey fans are a special breed of sports fan. They are very connected to the sport due to the rather unique accessibility to players the NHL provides fans throughout the year. Wouldn’t it be great if even a small percentage of those fans became collectors? Because what better way to connect with your favorite team or player than through autograph and memorabilia collecting? So how does a hockey fan start collecting in this great hobby of ours? Upper Deck has some answers in this article titled A Hockey Hobby: How to Get Started Collecting NHL Trading Cards.

The article covers some great subject matter including explaining about products in different price ranges. It goes on to distinguish between products offered at retail channels and how they differ in content from their hobby cousins. The piece even provides insight into how collecting can be used to facilitate quality family time and bonding.

Another post, Trading Card Shops Plan Big Events with the Help of Upper Deck around National Hockey Card Day, provides an overview of some of the events planned for the company’s annual, National Hockey Card Day Promotion. A list of activities for shop owners is included that will really help capitalize on the opportunity the day provides with increased store traffic and potential new customer conversions.

The company has even set up a dedicated website with images of cards from the exclusive and limited edition base set as well as providing a list of participating stores.

For even more details about this GREAT event and the FREE packs available to customers, be sure to visit the product page for 2015 National Hockey Card Day Packs.

Lucky customers will find special autograph cards that have been randomly inserted into National Hockey Card Day packs. Here is a look at what some collectors pulled at the Canadian event this past weekend including Autographs and Young Guns That Never Were!


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