Panini Redemption Report - January 11th, 2016 - Kris Bryant!Panini Redemption Report – January 11th, 2016 – Kris Bryant! – Yes, the Cubs young slugger is just one of the big names headlining this week’s Panini Redemption Report.

The comprehensive 15-page report skews heavily to football. However there are several fulfilled redemptions from baseball and basketball as well  They are all starting to ship this week from Panini headquarters.

The oldest redemptions being fulfilled this week, come from several 2010 football products including Crown Royale, Gridiron Gear and Plates & Patches.

Here is a look at some of the big names included on this week’s Panini Redemption Report:

Baseball: Kris Bryant, Cal Ripken Jr., Roberto Alomar, Ralph Kiner, Manny Machado, Stephen Strasburg, Mark McGwire, Mike Schmidt, Robinson Cano

Basketball: 2013-14 Panini Signatures Basketball Draft Exchange Autographs

Football: Amari Cooper, Tony Romo, A.J. Green, Andy Dalton, Tyler Eifert, Victor Cruz, Tre Mason, Kurt Warner, Marshall Faulk

You can download a copy of the report here: Panini America Redemption Report January 11th 2016.


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Panini Redemption Report – January 11th, 2016 – Kris Bryant!

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