Beach BoysRolling Stone Says The Beach Boys Top the Charts – It’s been over 50-years since Brian Wilson founded the iconic surf band The Beach Boys. Since then, the band’s persona has continually evolved to reflect the changing of the times – from surfers, to hippies, hipsters, to retro – to name a few. Despite the changing fashion, one thing has remained the same, the music. The multi-platinum and gold record recording artists are definitively the most successful American band in history.

Rolling Stone ranked the band 12th on their list  of Top 100 Greatest Artists. This shouldn’t really be a surprise to anyone that has ever seen them in concert. The Beach Boys’ universal appeal, longevity and propensity to inspire sentiments of nostalgic Americana have endeared them to fans the world over and has helped the band maintain its relevance in pop culture.

In celebration of this very quintessential American band, Panini America is further immortalizing The Beach Boys in the lexicon of American pop culture with their very own trading card set. Entitled simply “The Beach Boys”, each 24 pack box (8 cards per pack) will contain (2) Concert Worn Gear Cards, (1) Die-Cut Gold Record Card and (40) additional inserts and parallels. The set will chronicle the history of the band from its humble beginnings to the mega stars they became. Brian Wilson and other founding members of the band have signed autographs for the product and are limited to just (70) serial numbered copies.

The band that gave America such number one hits as, “I, Get Around”, “Help Me Rhonda”, “Good Vibrations”, “Kokomo” and such hits as “Surfin’ USA”, “Surfin’ Safari” and “Wipe Out” is paid a fitting tribute in this upcoming trading card set. Don’t miss the opportunity to share in this one-of-a-kind trading card experience. COMPLETE PRODUCT DETAILS.


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