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The Super Break® was originally developed as “The Super Box” back in 1998 in an effort to build one of the best boxes of cards in the hobby. Each short run of Super Break boxes yields original Vintage Hall of Famers, desirable Modern Autographed Rookies and Stars, quality certified Autographed Memorabilia coupon cards, and always a few new surprises. Breaking boxes of sports cards is a term used in the industry for over 30 years. Many children, fathers, mothers, grandparents, collectors, and sports fans have broken boxes of cards together and enjoyed this beautiful hobby across generations. The Super Break Sports product line is meant to be enjoyed by the worlds collecting community bringing the best of cards and collectibles together in each product. We hope you always have a Super Break when enjoying our products. Thank you all for your support, Scott Allen & Adam Joosten Super Break Sports Read the Super Break Story here…