Toy Focus: Icon AI NBA smALL-Stars Figures

Toy Focus: Icon AI NBA smALL-Stars Figures – Introducing NBA smAll-Stars from Icon AI an Interactive Play Technologies company. This initial release of collectible figurines is ready to take the sports figures collectibles market by storm. This line will feature stylized caricatures of some of the NBA’s biggest stars. Standing 11-inches tall, these highly detailed vinyl figurines are unique in the way each player’s likeness is captured in full 3D rendering.

Toy Focus: Icon AI NBA smALL-Stars Figures

Release Date: June, 2017
Configuration: 1 piece per case

Shoes are NOT removable as noted in video. Future figures MAY eventually have that function.

Toy Focus: Icon AI NBA smALL-Stars Figures – Smart Collectibles

Toy Focus: Icon AI NBA smALL-Stars Figures

Hit the court with some of NBA’s biggest stars! Coming this June from IconAI’s smAll-Stars NBA 2016-2017 collectible figurines are players such as Lebron James, Stephen Curry, Russell Westbrook, Kevin Durant, James Harden and Blake Griffin! These highly stylized 11-inch tall figures will have a very limited production run. Be sure to download the companion app to bring your collection to life on your phone.

As the first Smart Collectible on the market, smAll-Stars can connect to smart phones. Once the product launches in June, collectors will be able to download the free IconAI smALL-Stars App to instantly authenticate and register their NBA smALL-Stars figures.

Toy Focus: Icon AI NBA smALL-Stars Figures – Product Highlights

Every NBA smAll-Star figures comes packaged in a special collectible box.

Figure authentication is instantaneous through the free IconAI smALL-Star App. Touching the figurine with the phone, on NFC enabled Android devices, instantly authenticates and registers the figure.

Authentication can also be accomplished by typing the figure’s unique ID number into the IconAI smALL-Stars App on both iOS and Android devices.

IconAi’s technology makes every smALL-Star smart. Connecting the figurines with the IconAi smALL-Stars App brings virtual versions of these stars to life on mobile devices. These virtual smALL-Stars provide collectors with up-to-date statistical information and unique interactive experiences featuring the NBA’s biggest stars!

Toy Focus: Icon AI NBA smALL-Stars Figures – Image Gallery

Toy Focus: Icon AI NBA smALL-Stars Figures

Toy Focus: Icon AI NBA smALL-Stars Figures –  Final Production Numbers

  • Stephen Curry 290 (Warriors-Blue)
  • Kevin Durant 275 (Warriors-White)
  • LeBron James 220 (Cavaliers-Blue)
  • Jimmy Butler 100 (Bulls-Red)
  • James Harden 100 (Rockets-Red)
  • Blake Griffin 50 (Clippers-Red)
  • Russell Westbrook 50 (Thunder-Teal)
  • Carmelo Anthony less than 50 (Knicks-Blue)
  • Anthony Davis less than 50 (Pelicans-Navy)
  • Damian Lillard less than 50 (Trailblazers-Red)

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