Ultra PRO Announces Collectible Supplies Pricing Changes

Ultra PRO Announces Collectible Supplies Pricing Changes – The following memo was recently sent to all distributors from Ultra PRO. We reprint it here to help our customers plan for these coming price changes.

Ultra PRO Announces Collectible Supplies Pricing Changes

Dear Distributors,

As you may know, over the past several years we have managed around a wide variety of cost increases to maintain our selling prices and even reduce them when we are able to pass through the benefits of price negotiations with our suppliers.

However, we are now facing several issues including significantly higher plastic, metal and paper raw material prices, higher domestic and international wages, higher duty, tax and freight costs, and increasingly complex and costly global trade requirements. Unfortunately, we can no longer continue to absorbing increasing costs and therefore must implement price increases across several categories of our catalog.

We understand that this is not something any distributor, retailer or consumer desires, however in order for us to continue innovating and bringing the highest quality collectible supplies and gaming accessories to the market worldwide, we must adjust our price structure for long term sustainability.

Below is our upcoming schedule to implement such price increases. Please note that we have also adjusted the MSRP on most items to account for higher distributor costs. Changes are highlighted in green

• July 2, 2018 – Albums, Pages, Hard Plastics (i.e. Snaps) price increase.
• September 1, 2018 – Toploaders price increase.

Please note that our ability to honor current prices will be subject to inventory availability. Although we are currently carrying additional stock in anticipation of higher demand prior to the deadlines provided above, we cannot guarantee all orders will be fulfilled in full and we will not hold back orders at current price.

We thank you for your past and future support, and greatly appreciate your continued partnership.

The Ultra PRO Team

Ultra PRO Announces Collectible Supplies Pricing Changes – Applicable SKUS

A list of the affected items are detailed below. As of right now, we do not have information on what the specific price increases but will at the time they are instituted. STOCK UP NOW, DON’T WAIT!