Update: GRIMM from Breygent Marketing

Here is a list of updated information we have just received from Breygent Marketing regarding the highly anticipated release of their GRIMM trading card product.

Official Street Date: September 30th, 2013

Super Chase Proof Sets: Four-color proof sets (magenta-black-yellow-cyan) have been created for the entire series.

  • Each box will have (2) cards of each color; magenta-black-yellow-cyan, delivering 8 total cards (on average)

(This translates to meaning that there are (4) different proof sets to collect and it will take about (4) cases to complete all (4) four-color sets.)

Case Incentive: Sketch cards are now the three case incentive. However, as an added bonus, some sketch cards have been randomly seeded into boxes as well.

Final Artist List and Numbers: The artist list has been finalized including the number of sketch cards commissioned. (See below.)

Adam Cleveland (50)
Aston Roy Cover (20)
Bob Stevlic (10)
Brent Engstrom (25)
Carolyn Edwards (25)
Denae Frazier (10)
Edward Cherniga (11)
F.Valenzuela (11)
Gary Kezele (15)
Ingrid Hardy (20)
J.D.Seeber (25)
Jim Kyle (25)
M. Fajar (10)
M.Jason Reed (10)
Marcia Dye (25)
Nikki Valenzuela (7)
Steven Miller (24)
Tim Levandoski (18)
Tim Shay (18)

Autograph Signers: Everyone signed (2) different cards except for Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio who signed (1) card.


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