Yu-Gi-Oh! CCG: Legendary Duelists Booster – To reign victorious in the Duelist Kingdom tournament, Yugi had to face off against powerhouse Duelists like Mai Valentine, Mako Tsunami, and even his own friend and protégé, Joey Wheeler! Now they’re all back with brand-new cards in Legendary Duelists, a booster set that powers up famous strategies from the classic series and beyond!

The complete set of Legendary Duelists is 51 cards:

  1. 27 Commons
  2. 10 Rares
  3. 7 Super Rares
  4. 7 Ultra Rares

Yu-Gi-Oh! CCG: Legendary Duelists Booster

Release Date: 09/08/2017
Preorder Date: 06/20/2017
Configuration: 12 boxes / 36 packs / 5 cards

Yu-Gi-Oh! CCG: Legendary Duelists Booster – Product Details

Yu-Gi-Oh! CCG: Legendary Duelists BoosterJoey Wheeler’s Red-Eyes Armory! Even the mighty Red-Eyes B. Dragon can use a boost sometimes! Legendary Duelists’ new “Red-Eyes” monsters are all about teamwork – they can all Summon other “Red-Eyes” monsters, but some can also equip themselves to other monsters as Equip Spells, or equip other monsters to themselves as Equip Spells to power up!

Mai Valentine’s Amazoness Warriors! Mai’s “Amazoness” monsters excel at all things combat! Brand new “Amazoness” cards in Legendary Duelists add sneak attacks to their extensive repertoire of combat tricks, allowing you to Summon more monsters from your hand or Deck during the Battle Phase to tilt the odds of victory in your favor.

Mako Tsunami’s Ocean Mastery! You’ve seen The Legendary Fisherman and The Legendary Fisherman III. Now, the missing generation in the family will be revealed! This valiant warrior spent his life in search of a great whale that can surface in the middle of any Duel, and you’ll be able to find it in Legendary Duelists!

In addition, Legendary Duelists has brand-new cards to enhance the strategies of renowned Duelists from Yu-Gi-Oh! GX, like Zane Truesdale!


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