2017-18 IconAI Small-Stars Smart Figures Revealed

2017-18 IconAI Small-Stars Smart Figures Revealed – One of the products that took the sports collectibles world by storm in 2017 came courtesy of Interactive Play Technologies. Combining a physical collectible with a digital experience through an app (iOS and Android) and NFC technology, collectors can interact with a wide-range of NBA stars.

2017-18 IconAI Small-Stars Smart Figures Revealed

The 2017-18 IconAI Small-Stars Smart Figures line-up should be familiar. It replicates the previous year’s release. However, the figures are each detailed in all-new uniform colors. The figures depict NBA stars from around the league as stylized caricatures, delivering a fresh take in the figure market. The 2017-18 line-up includes the following players with their new uniform color in parenthesis.

  • Stephen Curry (White)
  • LeBron James (White)
  • Kevin Durant (Blue)
  • James Harden (White)
  • Jimmy Butler (Minnesota, Blue)
  • Blake Griffin (Blue)
  • Anthony Davis (Blue)

The figures stand at 11-inches tall. To put that into perspective, that’s larger than a NBA regulation basketball as pictured below.

With regards to the newly updated mobile app, it received quite an upgrade beyond mere cosmetics. The interactive experience has been greatly improved with more engagement, entertainment and an evergreen shelf-life for all future ICON AI smAll-Star releases.

Last year’s inaugural release was widely successful, due, in no small part, to the manufacturer’s responsible production numbers. No single figure was produced in a quantity greater than 290 total pieces. Several had 50 or fewer pieces produced! IconAI is committed to maintaining responsible production runs to deliver a truly, limited edition collectible figure that fans and collectors can be proud to own!

The expected SRP for the figures is $160. The anticipated release for the new 2017-18 IconAI Small-Stars Smart Figures is scheduled for early January.

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