Future Watch: Mitch Marner Rookie Hockey Cards, Leafs

Future Watch: Mitch Marner Rookie Hockey Cards, LeafsFuture Watch: Mitch Marner Rookie Hockey Cards, Leafs – Talk about special. Mitch Marner is a one of a kind hockey player. The NHL recognized this as he was named Rookie of the Month for January. We’ve seen small players succeed. We’ve seen plenty of taller and slight of build players succeed. Marner has now broken the mold for the player with a possible six-foot stature and 170 pounds being able to handle the rigors of an NHL season.

Durability was going to be the question of the day when his pro career started. What if he gets plastered in a game? Can his body handle that? In the next few years he’s expected to keep adding some muscle to his frame but for now his elusiveness and flat out speed has kept him safe. He’s played as many games as the Toronto Maple Leafs, so he’s answered that question.

Marner has had the kind of season that’s now seeing his name pop up when the Calder Award is being discussed. In his first 48 games, he has 12 goals and 29 assists. He has taken direction very well from his coach, Mike Babcock.

Selected 4th overall in the 2015 NHL Entry Draft, this native of the GTA (Greater Toronto Area), has delivered more than what was expected at this point in his career. This phenom is averaging 17 minutes of ice time per game with more takeaways than giveaways, that’s a recipe for success that has the organization grinning.

Mitch Marner’s rookie cards are scorching hot right now. He will have a Young Guns rookie card, in 2016-17 Upper Series 2 Hockey when it releases on February 15th. He has a Canvas version in Series 1. Marner has several, official NHL licensed rookie cards in 2016-17 Upper Deck hockey products including: Black Diamond, SP Game-Used and Trilogy.

Here’s a look at his speed, skill and determination:

The Leafs are now a very competitive team who are flirting with a playoff berth. Their planned rebuild is currently running well ahead of schedule and Marner is one of the biggest reasons why.

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Russ Cohen