Hobby Musings: Black Diamond Hockey Deep Dive – The 2020-21 NHL season has been exciting fans and card collectors alike. With an energizing rookie crop adding to a strong veteran presence, hobbyists have had no shortage of cards to chase. Kicking it up a notch for the card season, Upper Deck is starting its high-end releases with Black Diamond. To find out more about what this year’s product offers, I had the chance to catch up with Upper Deck’s Tony Sirianni through email.

Hobby Musings: Black Diamond Hockey Deep Dive

Tony Sirianni, Product Manager, Upper Deck

KS: Upper Deck does a nice job of mixing its releases among a variety of price points, including some impressive high-end products. Why make the decision to start the high-end products of this season with Black Diamond?

TS: Since Black Diamond became a high-end release back in 2015, we have tried to anchor it as the first high-end release of the product calendar year. It works well in that slot as the first product of the year featuring Exquisite Collection content and high-end technology driven rookie cards (Light FX foils, thick card stock, diamond relics, etc.).

KS: Which rookies have proven to be most popular with collectors so far this season?
TS: (Kirill) Kaprizov has been fun to watch! Tim Stutzle and Alexis Lafreniere are also proving to be very popular with collectors.

KS: What are the highlights collectors should look out for in this year’s release?

TS: As always, the Rookie Diamond Relics are sure to be some big chase cards. I’m excited about the inclusion of new Ruby and Emerald Diamond Relic parallels. The colorful diamonds will really help these cards stand out in any collection.

KS: What do you think is the best new feature from this year’s release?

TS: I really like the overall design look of this year’s set. Black Diamond is more color than ever, in more ways than one!

KS: One of the features is the Diamond Relic cards. How do you get the diamonds for them?

TS: We have great, trusted diamond relic vendors we use. I’ve never been in a diamond mine sadly.

KS: What about the relic swatches for the memorabilia cards? Where did they all come from?

TS: We acquire our game-worn jerseys through our partnership with the NHL.

KS: Aside from Black Diamond, which other hockey products does Upper Deck have coming out soon?

TS: 2020-21 Upper Deck Series Two just released. After Black Diamond, we have a bunch of exciting products coming out, including SP Game Used.

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Hobby Musings: Black Diamond Hockey Deep Dive

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