Roadshow Trade NightHobby Musings: Roadshow Cards and Card Collector 2 Hosts NSCC’s First Official Trade Night – Trade nights are a popular staple of the hobby. The National is no different as attendees can be found all over after show hours making swaps late into the night. However, there’s never been an official National event. This year will be different, as Roadshow Cards will be putting on the National Sports Collectors Convention’s first official trade night.

Company founder Jimmy Mahan had these thoughts on the event. “Trade Night is about collectors being authentically collectors and about illuminating the best parts of this hobby. It’s not about the intimidation of the big dealer table or the crazy collection. It doesn’t matter your age or your gender at a Trade Night table; it’s just people looking to find cards they love and meet fellow collectors they may call “friend” for the rest of their life. All you need to get in is a heartbeat and a passion. The rest is just . . . enjoy.”

For more on the Trade Night and how it came together, I had the chance to catch up with Tracy Hackler of Roadshow Cards.

KS: Tracy, how did the official trade night between Roadshow Cards and the National come about?2022 National Sports Collectors Convention Atlantic City Convention Center Cover
TH: Jimmy Mahan started Trade Night back in 2016 as another way to embrace the community aspect of collecting and to provide a fun place for likeminded collectors to gather during the biggest event on the collecting calendar. That initial Trade Night attracted less than 40 people but the seeds for greatness were planted. Jimmy sensed rather quickly that this thing was going to grow in a big way so he asked good friend Ryan Johnson to join forces with him to help scale. They’ve been tag-teaming Trade Night ever since and it has grown into one of the most anticipated nights of the year.

We talked to National organizers last year about hosting the event onsite as it had grown into a juggernaut of a night that now draws more than 3,000 passionate collectors. Timing wasn’t right last year but we invited National officials to check out the event for themselves. That laid the groundwork for our event to become the Official Trade Night of the National Sports Collectors Convention.

KS: What kind of experience do you think this can bring to the National that maybe wasn’t there before?
TH: It’s just a phenomenal night filled with friends, fellowship and memories featuring more than 3,000 of the most passionate collectors on the planet trading, talking and strengthening bonds that have been developed over years of enjoying this great hobby of collecting. There’s really no other night quite like it.

KS: What are some of the highlights trade night attendees can expect?
TH: It’s just a great time. Making trades and connecting with the collecting community on this night truly enriches this hobby on a meaningful level. That’s the reason it’s grown like it has — word of mouth, social buzz, and a truly rewarding experience for everyone who participates.

 KS: Are there any ground rules attendees should know about before attending?
TH: All are welcome and Trade Night will always be free for those who participate — and for that we can thank our great sponsors: Goldin Auctions, Panini America and Whatnot. The only thing we’re asking of attendees this year is for them to fill out a quick registration form. It takes about 60 seconds to fill out and will help us keep track of attendance. The first 1,500 registered attendees will receive a goodie bag.

KS: It’s slated for Thursday night this year. Could you see it becoming a multi-night event for the National in the future?
TH: Sure. With the way this thing has grown and taken on a life of its own, I’d say anything is possible.

KS: Where is it going to be held?
TH: It will be held this year, for the first time, at the National venue, in Ballroom A at the Atlantic City Convention Center.

KS: Aside from trade night, what else does Roadshow Cards have going on for the National this year?
TH: This National represents our first big chance to display everything Roadshow Cards has to offer and we’ll do just that in Booth #1640 inside the corporate area. Three of our four shops are open now and California will open just weeks after the National ends, so you can bet that we’ll be putting our best foot forward this year. Come by the Roadshow Cards booth, say “Hello!” to Jimmy and check out the Kentucky Roadshow, Texas Roadshow, New York Roadshow and California Roadshow all in one stop. Who knows, you might just walk away with a sweet Roadshow Cards T-shirt, too.

Hobby Musings: Roadshow Cards and Card Collector 2 Hosts NSCC’s First Official Trade Night

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