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Mint Musings: Is Curry the Trading Card MVP of 2015? – The trading card industry has been fairly fortunate this year with the emergence of several star players and breakout rookies across the major sports. Whether it’s someone like Mike Trout or Connor McDavid, there have been plenty of athletes to get excited about for trading cards this year.

However, in the midst of a historic winning streak that has taken the sports world by storm, I have to think that Golden State’s Stephen Curry rises above the rest when it comes to naming a trading card MVP for 2015.
For a player that was continually questioned on his ability to be successful when coming into the league, Curry has made a meteoric rise to become arguably the top player in the NBA.

This rise has been mirrored in the trading card industry, where several of his cards have been going for big bucks. While in a local card shop the other day, I asked the owner if he was attempting to acquire any Curry autographs for his inventory. His response was an emphatic no on the grounds that several people were either asking the moon for his autographs or holding onto them in the hopes the prices would rise even more.

There is some precedent in that latter sentiment. In a day and age where so many people prefer to flip cards sooner rather than later for a quick profit, it’s rare where people will sit on items for players who are currently hot. I did notice a change in this at the National two years ago in Cleveland.

LeBron James had recently resigned with the Cavaliers, and I was expecting to see a large amount of his autographed cards at the show for sale. While there were some high-end items to chase, I was amazed at the relative lack of James items available. In talking with several dealers, the reason for this was pretty consistent in that people were holding onto the cards in hopes that LeBron would win a title with the Cavs and potentially increase the value of the cards.

It’s possible that we’re seeing a similar line of thinking with Curry. While there’s still a lot of basketball to play, there’s no reason to believe that Curry and the Warriors can’t win another title this season. If that happens, I have to believe that Curry’s already hot cards will jump even higher, which is a little hard to imagine at the moment.

Taking a look at eBay, many of Curry’s premium rookie autographs and memorabilia cards are being listed for several thousand dollars, with one being listed for almost $200,000?!?!

Most of Curry’s more attainable autos are still receiving at least a few hundred dollars, though I did notice a Press Pass autograph of his at an affordable price with a few days to go.

2009-10 Press Pass Fusion Stephen Curry Auto

Currently just $6.50 on eBay!

For these reasons and more, I feel pretty confident in naming Stephen Curry as the trading card MVP of this year. While Connor McDavid has recently made a huge splash in the trading card world and could very easily be claiming this title next year, Curry is the king of the trading card world right now. His popularity and youth is a great sign as it gives our community someone we can build around for quite some time.

You know Panini and other card sellers have to be enjoying this as the Warriors continue adding win after win to their record. After all, it’s not just the discovered cards that are getting a spike. Still-sealed wax featuring these cards is becoming more and more in demand as chasers are hoping to discover some of those older Curry autographs.

Based on the swarms of fans chasing down Curry for his autograph before and after games, including a very excited child who recently got him to sign a jersey, the demand for Curry and his signature is undeniable. It’ll certainly be interesting to see where he and his cards stand at the end of the NBA season. If current events are any indication though, I’m willing to wager they’ll still be commanding high prices.

Kelsey’s ability to bring hobby coverage to the mainstream sports fan as the producer of ESPN’s Mint Condition has been a true asset. GTS is happy to feature his thoughts on the hobby in Mint Musings. The opinions expressed are his and do not necessarily reflect those of GTS Distribution.
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