Off the Post 2021 NHL Mock Draft - How The Top 10 Could Shake OutOff the Post 2021 NHL Mock Draft – How The Top 10 Could Shake Out – This has been an odd year for hockey. Some prospects never got to play due to Covid-19 shutting down leagues. This year is particularly hard to predict where many of these players will go. Teams’ boards will look more different this year than in previous years. Here is my attempt to figure out who the Top 10 picks in the 2021 NHL Entry Draft will be and by what NHL team they will be picked.

Keep in mind, these players have not yet ha any licensed trading cars produced


  1. Buffalo Sabres – Owen Power – 18 – 6-6, 213 – Defense – This big defenseman has everything you want in a blueliner. He’s an excellent skater, terrific passer, and Power scores goals as well. He represented Canada well in the World Championship. The Sabres can’t have too much defense.


  1. Seattle Kraken – Matty Beniers – 18 – 6-2, 175 – Center – Seattle is a new franchise, and they could have a potential first-line center to be the face of the franchise at some point. This American is known for slashing skating, terrific wrist shot, and two-way play, Beniers will be an exciting NHLer.


  1. Anaheim Ducks – William Eklund – 18 – 5-10, 176 – Left Wing – The Swede is the most versatile player in the draft. He could be a franchise player with his speed on the rush and playmaking ability. The Ducks need talent badly.


  1. New Jersey Devils – Luke Hughes – 17 – 6-2, 184 – Defense – Luke is the brother of Jack, who was the Devil’s first overall pick in 2019. There is a marketing opportunity here, and the fact that Luke is fast, bigger, and stronger than his brothers make this a good risk for New Jersey now that Luke’s foot injury has recovered.


  1. Columbus Blue Jackets – Simon Edvinsson – 18 – 6-4, 198 – Defense – This big blueliner has a lot of offense in his game and defense and physicality. When he gets his man strength, this prospect may be able to help the Jackets recover from the loss of Seth Jones down the road. It will take some time.


  1. Detroit Red Wings – Jesper Wallstedt – 18 – 6-3, 214 – Goalie – Teams have been tracking Wallstedt for years now. Playing in the SHL against men plus some good showings Internationally has made him the almost universal best goalie in the draft. The Red Wings have been looking for a franchise goalie.


  1. San Jose Sharks – Kent Johnson –18 – 6-1, 167 – Center – The Sharks will have a future need at center, and Johnson will play at least one more season in college, so the Sharks can let Michigan University continue to develop this offensive talent.


  1. Los Angeles Kings – Brandt Clarke – 18 – 6-2, 185 – Center – This defenseman has terrific offensive skills. Most are innate. The Kings know how to develop defensemen, so it’s a perfect match.


  1. Vancouver Canucks – Dylan Guenther – 18 – 6-2, 175 – Right Wing – Guenther is a goal scorer with a high hockey I.Q. The Canucks could use him down the road to complement their other goal scorers; Elias Pettersson and Brock Boeser.


  1. Ottawa Senators – Mason McTavish – 18 – 6-1, 207 – Center – McTavish can go anywhere from five on depending on the needs of other teams. He played in Switzerland with the OHL shutdown and scored nine goals in 13 games. He can score goals in the dirty areas. All teams want that.

Honestly, after the first ten selections, anything could happen. Again, hardest draft to pick.


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