Upper Deck CDD Conference Takeaways: Effective Merchandising Magic

Upper Deck CDD Conference Takeaways: Effective Merchandising Magic Upper Deck CDD Conference Takeaways: Effective Merchandising Magic – The impact that effective merchandising can have on your business can be profound and measurable. By more effectively merchandising your product offerings, you can generate increased sales that directly impact your bottom line.

That all sounds really good, but how?

Think of every square foot of your store as a profit center. That doesn’t mean that every square foot of your store should be packed with merchandise. A cluttered store can have an adversely negative impact on your bottom line. Sometimes the profit center is just comfortably getting from point A to point B, where the real sale is then made. By clearing the way to get to more expensive items, you have a higher probability of the actually selling.

While there was certainly much more to be learned and presented at the Upper Deck Diamond Dealer Conference itself, here are some of the key takeaways on effective merchandising.

Traffic Flow

Instead, you want to create a comfortable, easy to navigate walk-thru of your store that insures customers see your full product offering. One mistake stores make is putting larger display cases and memorabilia items at the front of the store. The thought being that people outside the store will see them, be curious and enter the store. In reality, this method often blocks the view of the rest of the store. It can also make customers feel boxed in. People need room to move and “breathe”.

Feature Wall or Section

So, what’s the better way to merchandise larger memorabilia items? By creating a feature wall or section in the back of the store that can be seen upon entry and draws traffic deeper into the store. Additionally, situate tall displays around the perimeter of the store. This leaves room in the middle of the floor space for lower displays.


Invest in lighting to create a warm atmosphere. Get rid of the pre-installed fluorescent ballasts and replace with can fixtures, recessed LED, track lighting or even better, a combination. The sterile and typical retail lighting of ancient fluorescent lights does nothing to create an inviting space or make your store standout.

Shelf Space & Signage

Maximize shelf space by displaying product in tiers, low to high, front to back. However don’t overcrowd the shelves. This can make digesting the products and decision making process feel complicated. Use professionally printed signage to designate shelf space by sport and/or category. Don’t be afraid to rotate stock. Store owners often feel the need to have every product on the shelf. Instead, communicating with customers can insure you know what they are looking to purchase.


  1. Create walkable, breathing space
  2. Tall displays on the perimeter
  3. Creature a feature wall or section
  4. Upgrade outdated lighting
  5. Use shelf space without crowding and labeled professionally

Stay tuned for more takeaways and insights from the Upper Deck Certified Diamond Dealer Conference.

Make 2020 your best year ever!

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Upper Deck CDD Conference Takeaways: Effective Merchandising Magic
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